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Anti Bullying and Team Building

FrogsRx has developed a anti bullying program which is designed around team building aspects. Mark MacDonald a former US Navy Seal has taken his training on team building and with the help of his business partner Dominic Anzideo have developed a program that is revolutionary. By doing exercises in a team setting we have seen where children of diverse backgrounds, experiences and method of social interactions come together. In doing this all the different backgrounds now have established a bond that did not exist prior. The children that feel disconnected now feel connected and there confidence is higher then ever before and feel part of something bigger.

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About FrogsRx

FrogsRx has three main components:

Physical training regimen – a daily routine designed to develop and hone mental toughness

Team Building – team based events designed to further develop mental tenacity under pressure

The Adversity Simulation – a special event designed to be the ultimate test of mental toughness, grit and sheer determination.  Are you ready?

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FrogsRx Training Programs

Training Programs

  • Athletic Team Building
  • Corporate Team Building
  • Kids and Youth Training
  • Adversity Simulation
  • Individual Training
  • SEAL Team Pre-Applicants Preparation
  • SEAL Swimming Technique Training

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