About FrogsRx

Mark MacDonald

  • US Navy SEAL 1987-2000
  • 7 operational deployments from South America to The Balkans, Africa and the Middle East
  • Communications Specialist
  • Was tasked with creating the most demanding and successful SEAL and SEAL Sniper communications course ever devised.
  • Aeropspace R&D 2000-2012
  • Coatings R&D 2012- present

With a lifetime of problem solving under his belt, Mark MacDonald was asked by several SEAL candidates to recreate the physical fitness program that successfully prepared him for BUD/S training in Class 154.  Mark successfully created that training plan and executed it in phases with multiple SEAL pre-applicants.

Mark then began working on a larger vision to  help a broader audience develop mental toughness.  After meeting Dominic Anzideo, Director of Business Development, the two agreed to form FrogsRX, a company devoted teach the skills and discipline to achieve mental toughness across a wide range of ages and physical capability.